Palringo 8.7

A new way to follow

We're making some changing to contacts in 8.7. Now, you will be able to "follow" another user. This means...

  • If you create an account and have not yet set an avatar, an avatar will be generated for you
  • Your favourites, blocked and contact list now operate independently. For example, you could be blocked, and a favourite, and a contact!


  • The blocked list has its own page, rather than a section in the contact list


  • The member list opens the actions dialog


The Universal Message Board (or UMB), is a screen you will see when you open up Palringo. It will display information such as recent updates/improvements, as well as a link to a relevant Blog post/FAQ page detailing features in more detail.

Chat dock

Chat Dock is removed 8.7. We will be replacing it with a much simpler Chat Switching solution. Thanks for your patience while we make this improvement.

That's everything for Palringo 8.7.

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