World Cup Bot

Cast your World Cup predictions and earn unique Achievements with World Cup Bot.

Who’ll score the most goals? Who’ll pick up the most red cards? Who’ll you be cheering for?

There are tons of unique Achievements for getting your predictions correct with World Cup Bot, from simply choosing which team you’ll be supporting and guessing who’ll be victorious at every stage.

We will be dishing out correctly predicted Achievements throughout the entire tournament. For example correctly predicting the group stage match outcome Achievements will be given out once the group stage matches have come to a close.




!worldcup help

Bring up the in-app help commands.

!worldcup groups

Predict the games that happen the following day up until midnight.

Example: you have from 00:00 June 13 to 23:59 June 13 to make prediction for Russia vs Saudi Arabia on June 14.

!worldcup view

View your predictions (does not include match predictions).

!worldcup view <userid>

View specified user predictions (does not include match predictions)


*Throughout the tournament, we’ll be adding new commands for World Cup Bot, as well as removing expired ones. You can also check the bot’s in-app help menu.


Making your prediction


Let’s say you want to predict the outcome of a group game that will be happening the following day. Below, we’ve given an example of what you’d do for Russia vs. Saudi Arabia on June 14. You would have from 00:00 GMT June 13 to 23:59 GMT June 13 to make your prediction.


  1. !worldcup groups to begin predicting
  2. Predict which team will draw or win the matches via Private Message
  3. Confirm your predictions and wait to see if you're right
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