The New Chat Dock Feature in Pal 8

Chat Dock is designed to make switching between multiple chats much faster.

Please note that the Chat Dock is currently only available for iOS users.


How to use Chat Dock?


1-   You can open the Chat Dock by swiping left or right from the side edge of your screen. The position of the Dock can be changed in Settings -> General and fixed either on the left or on the right side of the screen.


2-   While the keyboard is open, the Chat Dock will remain hidden until you close the keyboard again by swiping down.

3- Chat Dock will be automatically populated with recent chats on the bottom below divider every time you open a new group or PM. The slots above the divider  are for the manual selection, i.e. favourites. You can manually increase or decrease the amount of slots in each section by dragging divider up or down.


4-In order to add to favourites to the Chat Dock, just open the chosen chat so that it appears in recents. Then tap on its icon, drag it above the divider, then release. The icon will remain there! Now you can populate the upper side with your most frequently checked chats and switch between them within one click!


You can also drag and drop group and PM avatars into the Dock straight from Chats, Groups or Contacts!



 5- If you want to remove a group or PM from the Dock, simply tap on it and drag outside of the Dock, then release - the slot will be emptied.




6- There is also a super feature of 3D touch: when you swipe from the side of the screen to open the Dock, don’t release your finger - instead move it up & down through the icons in the Dock. This way the icons of groups and PMs will be zoomed out and you’ll also see the most recent message of the chat. Once you release your finger, you’ll find yourself in the chat at which you released the finger.




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