What privileges do you have when you level up in Palringo?



Your reputation level is where you stand within the Palringo community and as you level up, you get extra privileges and rewards! 

There are many ways to increase your rep level and enjoy the special privileges. If you want to learn more about how you can increase your Rep level check out this Blog post 12 WAYS TO INCREASE YOUR REP

The following table explains in details what privileges and rewards you get at the different Palringo Reputation levels. 





Special Icon Name Reward



Hollow Bolt  
1-7 (premium)



Solid Bolt  



Hollow Star  


 Solid star

Auto un-ban from groups after a week

- Bulk buy bots on website for easier achievements (Web only) 

- Join Gallery groups auction Group

- Buy larger credit packs 50k and 100k



- Join special ID's Auction group / VIP support group




 Spinning Star





 Yellow Gem - Join up to 150 Groups


- Add Reputation Bot to your groups (Terms Applied)*




 Orange Gem  

- Animated Avatar

- Auto un-ban from groups after 3 days 





Magenta Gem 





 Teal Gem


 - Free 4 digit Group ID

(Terms Applied)**










- Free 3 digit group ID

(Terms Applied)**










- Free 2 digit Group ID

(Terms Applied)**


- Centurion Achievement




 * Reputation Bot

- Groups must be owned by the user 

- Only group owners can request to add the bot


** Free Group ID Rules

- Higher-level users have the priority in choosing group IDs

- Fulfilling the user's request depends on ID availability and can take up to 7 working days

- ُThe group must be owned by the awarded users and can't be gifted or transferred in the future

- Palringo Management has the right to reject certain ID requests


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