Double Rep!

The following promotion applies for the week (7 days) beginning Monday 14th November: Double Rep for all new achievement steps earned in Timing Bot, the achievement called 'Clockwork Brain'.

Make the most of the offer and earn as many new achievement steps as you can in the timeframe!

Please note that if you hit an achievement threshold, e.g. Win 600 Timing Bot games, after the end time of Monday 21st November, 10am GMT, you will unfortunately miss out on the bonus double Rep. So, make sure you play your hardest and capitalise on the offer!

Because of the way achievements are awarded and the associated Rep is calculated, the extra bonus Rep will be awarded retrospectively once the offer has ended. (This will be either on Monday 21st November or very soon after.)

Time to get cracking (see what we did there) and win as many games as you can!

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