How do I play Duel?

Howdy partner! Duel is a game that requires quick reflexes and a cool head. Take on your friends and see who's the fastest gunslinger in your group!

The first thing you should know about is bullets . Each duel will use up one Bullet. You can have no more than 6 Bullets. When you're out of Bullets you have to wait about 10 minutes to get one back. You can instantly get new Bullets from the shop.

Your Speed is shown by the clock symbol . When you hit and defeat your opponent your Speed gets updated. You only keep your best Speed. Each time you get shot your Speed gets worse. The Speed also gets slower each day. This means that even if you get a very good reaction time, you're not guaranteed to keep it unless you keep dueling.

Each time you win a duel you're awarded a Star .



After chosing your opponent the duel will begin, and you can follow the three steps below.


1. Press and hold

First you need to press and hold on the holster. The holster will start to blink green after a short while, indicating where it is. You need to hold on the holster until you see the "Ready...", "Steady..." and finally, the "DRAW!" message. The time it takes varies from game to game, so be on your guard.


2. Drag the crosshair

After you see the "DRAW!" message you need to keep pressing while dragging the crosshair to the target on your opponent. Being able to hit the target fast will require some practice.


3. Release to shoot!

To shoot, you just need to lift your finger. To actually score a hit, the crosshair needs to be above the target. You need to be quicker than your opponent, otherwise you'll get shot first!


Now you know how to duel. With some practice you might become the fastest in your group!

It's always high noon somewhere!

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