Palringo Account Security Tips


1. Make sure your password security is strong. Choose a password that is at least 8 digits long and a mixture of upper and lower case letters and numbers. do not use predictable words (such as "Password") and do not use the same password for multiple accounts (especially e-mail and Palringo).

2. Validate your Palringo account. Chose a secure e-mail address that you have access to and validate your Palringo account with it.

3. Be aware that, if you are regularly on unsecured WIFI networks (such as in public places and cafés), your traffic can be intercepted. Be very careful about making changes to your usernames and passwords while on these types of networks.

4. Do not share your account details with anyone. We will never ask you to give these details to us.

5. Be cautious of links you don't recognize, especially if they are sent by someone you don't know. Palringo will never send you links via PM, we only use the in-app notification system 

6. Do not under any circumstance enter any information (email or password) into a website you don't know; always check the URL to ensure it is

7. Do not use unofficial Palringo clients. These could have malware embedded within them that will open up your devices to a thief even if you delete them afterwards.


If you think your account has been stolen, please contact support they will help you to try to get it back. Do not engage with anyone trying to blackmail you as you may give them more details that will help them to target you further.


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