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New to Palringo and want to understand what the Menu is and what you can do from it? This guide will explain what each section within the menu and what you can do from it.

Swipe from Right to left to open the Palringo Menu

Here you will find 9 sections, each section will take to a part of Palringo.

Section Explained
Profile Information

At a glance you can see your Profile Avatar, Reputation level and recently gained Achievements.

By tapping this you can visit Profile Editing and Achievements

Chats By tapping this you see all of your Group or Private Chats.
Groups By tapping this you can view all of the Groups you have joined or currently own
Discover By tapping this you will be taken to the Group Discovery to discovery groups you may not have necessarily thought have joining, search by name or by category.
Contacts By tapping this you will be able to see if your friends are online or offline as well as checking any current friend requests. You can start a chat from here
Store By tapping this you will visit the Palringo Store to view our amazing products. Browse through a large selection of Bots, Messages Packs or upgrade your account/group to Premium.
Notification By tapping this you will be able to view any notifications sent from Palringo, if you gain an achievement or we announce a new product here is the place to find that information.
Settings By tapping this you will be able to change many settings of the Palringo App such as the messaging Alerts, Spam Filter, Privacy Lock and Chat View Theme.
Log Out We hope you will never want to log out but if you do tapping this will log your account out.

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