English Group Gallery Auction


English Group Gallery Auction

1. Auction will start on Thursday at 2:00 pm (GMT) and ends on Friday 2:00 pm (GMT)

2. The auction will be automated by using an auction bot and the users can bid. Note that the user bidding will be accepted only if the user has at least 2500 credits in his/her account. 

3. A member of staff will pm the winner to deduct the required credits and also to get the group id that the winner would like to populate in the top list of the English gallery.

4. The group must be English only (i.e. English name and English context)

5. The group must comply with Palringo regulations (ToS http://www.palringo.com/en/gb/terms-and-conditions) and (community guidelines http://www.palringo.com/en/gb/community-guidelines). For example the group MUST NOT has any porn context, hate speech….etc

6. The staff will check the group and if it follows the above rules (4 &5) , the group will appear in the English gallery starting from Monday 2:00pm GMT for one week (i.e. till Monday 2:00pm GMT) after receiving the full payment.

7. If the group provided by the user after winning the auction doesn’t follow the above rules, the staff will ask the user to provide a different group and if the user can’t provide that, the money will be deducted from the user account even if there is no group provided by the user. 

8. If the group appears in the top list of the English gallery and the context changed to that which doesn’t comply with the above rules (4 &5), Palringo reserve the right to remove the group from the gallery and NO credits will be refunded to the user. 

9. The winner MUST pay the required credits within 24 hours after the auction ends, if not, his/her main bidding account will be barred permanently and/or more strict actions can be taken as per the case under the staff decree    

10. Users must bid only if they would like to get their group populated in the English gallery and they MUST NOT bid to disturb/test…etc the auction.

11. Palringo reserve the right to cancel the auction at any time (i.e. no credits will be deducted and the auction bot will be terminated).

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