How do I delete my account?


Please be aware deleting your account is final and can not be undone we highly suggest you contact us first to see if we can solve any issues you are having, tapping submit a request at the bottom of this article is the fastest way to do so.


To delete your account firstly click  your name and a drop box will appear.              IMG016200.jpg



Once the drop box appears you need to click the account box at the top, once you have clicked that a screen will appear with your account details with 3 tabs available at the top,



Click the delete tab at the far right  and tap the delete button that appears on screen to verify you want to delete your account.




Once you click the delete button it will take you to a screen asking for your password and reason.




Once added click delete account  a pop up asking you to verify your deletion click OK.




Once verified the account will be deleted.


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