Fishing Bot

What's this Fishing Bot you hear people carping on about? It sounds like a load of old trout.

Fishing Bot is the latest Bot in Palringo. With the Fishing Bot you can attempt to catch some of the vast amounts of fish in the Palringo waters!

To interact with the Fishing Bot and learn the commands type !fish help.

Then simply type !fish to begin your fishing adventure!


You will start out with three casts and will gain a new cast every twenty minutes up to a maximum of three. Using !fish refill you can purchase refills for your own casts or for the whole group.

There is also the option to chum the waters using the command !fish chum. In chummed water you are guaranteed to catch fish and you will also have an increased chance of catching the rarer fish!

Another option is to purchase Golden lures using the command !fish lure, you can purchase golden lures for your own personal use, or gift it for all the members in a group that you are in!

The Golden lures are consumable items, which means that you consume them by usage (Simply using !fish) and not by time, and each time you use one it increases your chances of getting bigger and rarer fish, which might give you even better fish if you combine it with Chum!


* You can gift lures for a group or buy it for your own usage across groups.

* You consume the group lures before your personal ones.

* If you don't catch any fish, no lures will be consumed.


Get your fishing status, which shows your remaining casts and the total number of fish caught, using the !fish my status command.

Compare your collection as a group or as an individual using the command !fish my chart or !fish group chart.

Competition is fun right? Well in your individual chart or group chart you can see how many points you have, the heavier and rarer the fish, the higher your score! So get fishing and see who has the best collection of fish!


Who will be your group's best fisherman? Who will catch the legendary Bahamut?

From time to time you may see new fish enter the Palringo waters. These fish may be permanent or some may be for a limited time only. So keep your rod at the ready!

 Be aware the Fishing Bot will use real Palringo Credits!

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