Fishing Bot: The North Sea update

Rods at the ready - Fishing Bot has a fin-tastic update! And to celebrate you'll get a +50% Rep boost on all Fishing Bot and in-Bot purchases until 23:59 (GMT) on December 4th.

To keep you fishing, there are now four brand new fish to catch:

- The Three Bearded Rockling

- Sea Bass

- Cod

- Dab

But can you figure out how to catch them? It’s not just as straightforward as before! (That would be far too easy.)


Finding it hard to keep track of how many fish you have caught and how many casts you have left? Now you can use the new !fish my status command to see just that. Simples.

It’s also good to foster a little healthy competition so fish charts now have an overall score. Compare your individual chart with others in the group or see how your whole group compares with other groups!

You might have a full chart but have you got the biggest score?

Now go and catch that Three Bearded Rockling!

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