Poll Bot

The Poll bot can be purchased at the Palringo stores.


The poll bot is a fun way to involve members of your group.


To bring up the help menu for the poll bot type !phelp


To make a poll type !poll start.

The bot will then reply asking you for a topic you wish the poll to be on this can be any topic you wish, you then type !poll and then what topic you want the ll to be as shown below.

It will then ask you how long you want the poll to last for between 1 and five minutes to select how many minute you wish type !poll 1 for example.

Then once the time is chosen by you type your answers ie with !poll infront i.e !poll yes !poll no.



Type !poll start to start the poll it will give the poll subject and the available answers.


Once the poll has started  type !vote and the number to the answer you wish to select.


 Once the poll has finished a chart will appear to show you the results.

 If the owner or admin wish to stop a poll they can do by typing !poll stop at any time.





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