Editing the settings of a Group

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Own a group and want to edit the settings it?

This easy to follow guide will show you how how!


Start of by opening the left side menu and tap Groups.


Inside Groups under the My Groups section, swipe from right to left on the chosen Group and tap Profile.


Inside the Profile of the Group tap Edit in the top right hand corner of the device.

Here you will be able to edit details of the Group such as:

  • Group avatar - Picture of the group
  • Group tagline - brief tag about the Group e.g Gaming, Friends, Sports
  • Description - Tell everyone about your Group
  • Language of the Group
  • Catergory - Is your Group related to Sports, Science, Music or Travel?
  • Password - Set a password on your Group (Premium Group Only)
  • Entry Level - People above a certain level can enter the group
  • Visiblity - If you would like the chance for your group to be on the Discovery section of Palringo

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