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Browsing the settings on the Palringo App is real easy!


To access the Palringo App Settings open the left side menu, tap Settings.

Inside Settings you will find many category's which you can explore.

The ABOUT category will display what version of the Palringo App you have Installed on your device and the Copyright for Palringo Ltd.

Underneath the ABOUT category you will find the Official Palringo Twitter and Facebook pages but most importantly you will find the Support page where you can browse the Palringo faq's and being able to submit a Support Request Ticket if you have any issues.

Finally you will find the Settings category, in this category you will be able to change/enable/disable different features within Palringo for example turning on your Spam Filter, changing the notification ring tone or changing the default theme of Palringo to the Dark Theme.

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