How to purchase Message Packs

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Ever wondered how your friends have a cool Message Pack and you haven't?

Follow this easy guide to purchasing a Message Pack!


Open the left side menu, then tap Store.

Inside the Storetap Message Packs to view the large selection of Message Packs and tap the Message Pack you wish you view (in this case Animals).

When inside the Message Pack press Select to begin the purchase.

Inside here you will select your Contact/Account (in this case English FAQ), then select the Duration:

  • 30 Days for 100 Palringo Credits
  • 90 Days for 300 Palringo Credits
  • 180 Days for 500 Palringo Credits
  • 365 Days for 900 Palringo Credits

And finally Confirm your purchase.

Now enjoy your new Message Pack and wow your friends!

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