Your generosity will never be forgotten!

So we've counted every last dollar and we're extremely proud to announce that you guys raised an amazing $236,059 for our Never Forgotten charity campaign! By simply donating your Palringo Credits and purchasing our special charity Message Packs you have helped our two chosen charities, Islamic Relief and Child's Play, to carry out their increasingly important work. 


You raised $111,139 for Child's Play which will help to buy hundreds of toys, video consoles and games for sick children in hospitals all around the world. This allows children to enjoy age appropriate entertainment, provides support, distraction and therapeutic play, helping to escape the unpleasant reality of being in hospital. Studies have shown that children able to play games while undergoing painful procedures require less pain medication. Find out more about the charity and how you can continue to help here.


The $125,059 raised for Islamic Relief will go towards providing much needed food packages to those affected by the crises in Syria and Gaza, as well as towards longer term projects such as building health clinics in remote areas of Africa. Read more about the great work Islamic Relief does

We are incredibly proud of the success of our annual charity campaign and want to say a HUGE thank you again to everyone that got would our charity partners: 


"Child's Play would like to extend our deepest thanks to Palringo's users for your incredible support. Palringo's donors represent the generous spirit of the community and raised funds to provide necessary entertainment and distraction for children suffering in hospitals. We are sincerely honored by your efforts, and the impact of your donations will change the lives of thousands of children."

Jamie Dillion, Child's Play


"Islamic Relief Worldwide would like to thank all of Palringo's generous donors. This is the second successful year that we have partnered with Palringo and with the amount of money raised Islamic Relief will be able to provide much needed food items for refugees in Syria and Gaza. The funds raised will also go towards building health clinics in very remote areas in Africa. Many, many thanks again from all of us at Islamic Relief."

Hodeefa Rassam, Islamic Relief Worldwide 

We're looking forward to next year's campaign already! 

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