purchasing message packs IOS


To purchase a message pack click on the store section on your home tab as shown below.

You will then be directed to the store section of Palringo where message packs can be bought, you can either select a message pack that is on show on the screen in the message pack section or click show all.

Browse through the available packs, for example we will pick the animals pack.

Once you have chosen a pack, click on it to open its individual purchase screen, this will give you a description of the item.


Once you are happy with a pack click on the select button, this will take you to a few options, as outlined below.


The first page allows you to decide whether to buy it for yourself or as a gift for your friends.

The second lets you choose how long you wish the message pack to last for, the third and final page is the confirmation page, please review your purchase then hit the green confirm purchase button.

Have fun and enjoy your chat bot.

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