How to create a new Palringo Account

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New to Palringo? Want to create an Account so you can enjoy what Palringo is all about?

This easy guide will show you how to make a new Account.

When you first open the Palringo App, tap Sign Up to begin creating an Account.

Inside Sign Up you will now enter 5 details:

  • Avatar Picture: This is a picture that other users see on your profile and in chat.
  • Email Address: This email address entered is used to log in as well as resetting your password.
  • Password: This is your chosen password to log in, remember to not use passwords that are the same as other password. Remember to user Capital Letters and numbers.
  • Nickname: This nickname is the name that people associate with your account.
  • Captcha: You will need to enter the numbers below (in this case '7 7 9 8 7') to confirm your sign up.

When those details have been entered you will find yourself inside Palringo.

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