Application Settings


To access the Settings menu within Palringo you will need to bring the left side menu, showing a selection of options including Chats, Groups, Store and Settings.

See picture below

Once the menu has appeared please tap Settings.

Inside the Settings menu you will find 5 different sections to chose from, all allowing different things to be changed within Palringo.

General: Will allow you to enable to chose if you would like to block non-contact users sending you Private Messages.

Display: Will allow you to change to size of Chat text, disable avatars and select from the Light theme to Dark theme.

Alerts: Will allow you to select different sounds for Private Messages and Group Messages. Also allowing you to select the Alert tone.

Premium Features: Will allow to change the Chat View Background (this option is only available if your Palringo account is Premium.

About: Shows the user the copyright information and what version of Palringo is installed on the device.

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