How to block & unblock a contact


Ever wanted to block a contact from talking to you or have ever had a contact blocked and wanted to unblock them?

This guide will show you how simple it is!

To access your Contacts open the left side menu, tap Contacts.

When inside Contacts, you will see your list of Contacts.

To block a user swipe from right to left or tap and hold on the contact box to reveal four options.

  1. Profile - Shows all of the users details.
  2. Chat - Start a chat with the user.
  3. Block - Block the user.
  4. Remove - Removes the user from your contacts lists.

To Block the user simply tap Block, refresh your contacts list to find the contact inside the 'Blocked' section.

To Unblockcontact within the Blocked section simply repeat the above, whereas before you would tap Block you will now see Unblock.

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