How to give and remove Admin or Mod

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How to Admin or Mod someone. 

1) Find a post of the person you want to be admin or mod in your group.

2) Click on their avatar and select Mod or Admin.

3) Click on Assign as Admin or Assign as Mod, depending on which one you want them to be. Remember to only Admin or Mod the people you trust to help you in group.

4) They are now Admin or Mod depending on which one you wanted them to be. It will show up in group informing your action.


How to remove Admin or Mod from someone.

1) Find the person you would like to remove Admin or Mod from (same way as step 1 from above).

2) Click on the users avatar. Because they are already a Admin or Mod it will look different to before. If they are Admin or  Mod the button will be Teal .


3) To remove the Admin or Mod from them click on the teal admin or mod sign.


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