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Ever wanted to have a group to call your own so all of your friends can meet up and stay in touch?

Whatever your interests are you can make a group!

This simple guide will show you how to make the group you've always wanted.


On the main chats screen, swipe from right to left once or tap on the icon that represents the Groups tab. Once you're on the Groups tab, at the bottom of this screen you will see two buttons; the button on the right (Pen & Pad icon) allows you to Create a Group, as highlighted below:


In order to create your own group simply tap the Pen & Pad icon, after which you will be taken to the Create a Group screen, as seen below:

Inside Create a Group you will begin to mould your own group to your needs and specifications. The Create a Group section has many different sections to fill in:

  1. Group Avatar - This is the profile picture of the group that users see. (When selecting an Avatar for your group use a picture that works within the Palringo Terms of Service).
  2. Name and Tagline - Here you will give your group a name and tagline that other users can see.
  3. Description and language - Describe to a user what your group is about and set the language of the group.
  4. Gallery Listing Status - If you would like the Palringo Community to see your group select 'Listed' or if you want your group to be private select 'Unlisted'.
  5. Category - Is your group a Gaming, Photography, Music or Sports group? Let users know by choosing a suitable category.
  6. Entry Level - Want people above a certain level to be able to enter your group? Simply set an entry level.
  7. Full Admin - If enabled, Admins Can grant/revoke admin rights from other Admins. Please use with Caution.

Lastly you will have to agree with the Palringo Guidelines these can be read, these give specific details that make the Palringo Community a safe place to be - abusing these Guidelines can result in a group being locked.

Once you have agreed with the Guidelines press Save at the top of your device to create your group!


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