Introducing the updated Guess what? Bot and user submitted content!

Enjoy the updated Guess what? Bot!

We have also now added the ability to submit your own content through the Submission Bot ensuring that content stays fresh!

More about the Guess what? Bot......

The Guess What? Bot is a quiz bot showing you pictures and all you have to do is to guess what you see. You simply need to post that in the group without any special bot commands. This bot is multilingual, so you can easily use bot and guess words in your language!


From logos to close ups, there are various different game categories to choose from!

Guess what? Bot commands:

!gw -> to start a game

!gw rank -> to see your position
!gw scores -> to see the group scores
!gw help -> to see this message

!gw list -> to see the available categories



Introducing the Submission Bot......

The Guess what? Bot is unique at current in that all content is provided by you, our users. We have developed the Submission Bot to allow you to add new content to the Guess what? Bot and future gaming bots.

If you want to help adding content or feel like adding games which are more of interest for you feel free to join group [bot content] for English or [bot content ar] for Arabic users. More languages coming soon!

We check every submitted game but if you feel that something is wrong or inaccurate, need to add more answers to a specific game etc please let us know in group [bot issues].

Submission Bot commands:

!submit -> print the help message
!submit help botName -> print the help message for the bot
!submit bots -> print the available bots to submit
!submit add botName -> add a game for that bot
!submit del botName game_id -> Delete a bot game
!submit edit botName -> consult the help for each bot
!submit show botName game_id -> show a game for this bot
!submit cancel -> Cancel the current submission
!submit scores -> Show the scores for this group
!submit rank -> Show your rank in this group

Adding a new game using the Submission Bot

Adding a new game couldn't be easier, as demonstrated below!





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