VIP and Agents.

Many of you may have noticed the VIP’s (Very Important Person/s) and the Agents floating around the Palringo community. These users are here to assist you in any way possible, Palringo VIP’s have more responsibility than Agents, The main difference between a VIP and an Agent is that VIP’s are responsible for moderating the community, dealing with users/groups who breach the ToS (Terms of Service) that can be read at 


Our Agents are more for support based issues, we have Agents who cover all times of the day and night. If there are no VIP’s or Staff around at the time feel free to contact an Agent regarding ToS breaches and they will pass the information on to the corresponding people. 

Both VIP’s and Agents are up to date on support issues, if you need to know anything or report someone breaching the ToS you can contact one of our VIP’s or Agents via pm or in our official support group “Palringo Support”. Both are friendly and always willing to give help with whatever problems/concerns you may have.

You can find an Agent or VIP in the following groups: 

[Palringo Support] This group is for English support only.

Für den deutschen Support bitte der Gruppe [] beitreten.

Besoin d'aide en francais , veuillez rejoindre le groupe [].

El grupo de ayuda de espanol es [].

Türkçe destek için [] katıl.

Nepali ra Hindi support ko lagi [] join garnu hola.

Nepali aur Hindi support ke liye [] join kare.

Эта группа только для англоязычных, нужна помощь на русском? Заходи в [добро пожаловать].

[هذه الغرفة خُصصت للدعم الفني باللغة الانجليزية، للدعم الفني باللغة العربية رجاءاً تفضل إلى [الدعم الفني 

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