How to validate my email?

In order to access some of the features of the Palringo website or to be able to join some of the groups you need to validate that the email address you registered with is valid and owned by yourself. If you wish to do this please follow those steps:

  1. Click . In order to access the page you will need to login, it will take you to this page.



  1. Click on "send email".
  2. Check your emails and find the email you received from Palringo. Click on the link in the email.
  3. Congratulations! Your email was validated.

We use your email address as matter of verification in case you lose your password and many more reasons. It only benefits you to have a validated email and is an easy process, you should do it if you haven't done yet!

In case you can't access the email anymore which you used to sign up with you should change your email. (

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