What is a Premium Group? How do I get one?

Premium Groups

Palringo now allows users to upgrade their group to a Premium Group to gain additional features and benefits.

Upgrading to a Premium Group is easy! Simply visit the Palringo store (http://www.palringo.com/en/gb/store/details/premium-group-p1) or visit the store in-app.

Note: You will need to be logged in to the Palringo website to upgrade your group.

Note: You can buy premium via the same method for groups you do not own.





RSS News Bot

The ability to set a password for your group, to help keep as private, or exclusive as you like!

Premium Placement

RSS News Bot

A Premium Group gets a higher placement in the Groups Gallery. Helping you attract more new people to your group.

Premium Marker


The group will get a Premium overlay which indicates its Premium status to people in, or searching for the group.

Rules Bot


Use the rules bot to show new users your group rules and how to behave in your group.

Magic8 Bot


Add a Magic8 ball to your group!



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