What are the official Palringo bots? and how do I get them?

Palringo offers a number of bots, some are free where as others come at a monthly cost. Please make sure you always check the bots for the official blue Staff tag to know that it is real. 


You can always find our latest bots at : http://www.palringo.com/en/gb/store/#bots

 A small sample of the bots we have are listed below.

Free bots:


Magic8 Bot


The Magic8 Bot adds the functionality of a Magic8 ball to your group. Send "!magic8 " in the group to get a reply. Available to all premium groups.


Protect bot


This is a free bot that will protect your group from spam by kicking anyone who spams too much. Please note this bot needs mod or admin rights to work and will not kick other mods or admins who spam.


Pay per month bots:


Image Bot


Use the command !! before any words to have the bot pull a random image to do with what you searched for.  This bot costs 200 credits per month.


Welcome Bot


This bot will automatically welcome any new users with a welcome message that can be set by any admins in the group, you can customise this as you wish and add {nickname} to get the bot to automatically say the name of a new user when they join.  This bot costs 100 credits per month

You can set the welcome message with the command !welcome set "your message here"


Riddle Bot


This bot provides riddles for you and your group to try and solve.  This bot costs 100 credits per month.

?show - shows the current riddle ?hint - shows a hint if possible ?next - skips the riddle.


Poll bot


When you have the poll bot in your group you can create a question with possible answers. Everyone in your group can vote on the outcomes whilst poll bot will oversee the results. This bot costs 100 credits per month.


Urban Dictionary Bot


Have fun commanding this bot to send humourous definitions of words or phrases, or why not let him choose one randomly, if you’re feeling adventurous? This bot costs 200 credits per month.

!ud - will post a random definition !ud - will look for a specific word


Bible Bot


The Bible Bot sends your group a biblical quote upon request. Quotes can be requested at random. by book, chapter and verse.


Qur'an Bot


The Qur'an Bot sends your group a verse from the Qur'an in English or Arabic. This Bot is fully translated in to Arabic and English.


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