You guys did something amazing...

In July / Ramadan last year we asked you to donate Palringo Credits to support two charities, Islamic Relief and Charity Right.  Your response was overwhelming and raised a fund of over $230,000.


We can now provide an update on how this money is being spent.  For the Palringo Team it has been heart-warming to hear the very positive impact we’ve been able to have on many lives, and we are sure you’ll feel the same.


Islamic Relief received just over 70% of the money raised and have funded two initiatives.  More than 1100 cataract operations have been performed in Mali, and food has been distributed to 31,000 refugees inside Syria.  Click here for more details.


Charity Right is providing meals for children at four schools in Sudan.  They are located in Kassala which is home to thousands of Eritrean refugees.  Click here for more details.


We anticipate running a similar initiative later this year, so there will be a further opportunity to check down the back of the sofa for any unspent Palringo Credits.  Thank you again from the Team at Palringo, our Charity Partners, and in particular from those individuals who have directly benefited from your donations.



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