Palringo Partnering With Charities to Feed the World's Poorest

UPDATE: This charity drive has now ended. We raised a huge amount - 23,879,500 Palringo Credits (6,223,800 Credits to Charity Right and 17,655,700 Credits to Islamic Relief), which is just over $235k USD going to the charities - so thank you to all that donated! We hope to be back with a similar endeavour in the near future.


Help Us Feed the World's Poorest

Palringo has teamed up with a couple of great charities this Ramadan to help raise money to feed some of the world's most impoverished people. Whether you celebrate Ramadan or not, your donations will make a real difference to the lives of those less fortunate all around the globe.

The two charities we're working with are Islamic Relief and Charity Right. Both do some amazing work deliving food parcels to the places that need them most.

Group Owners

A Bot for each of the two charities is available for free on our webstore now.

How to Donate

In any Group that has one or more Charity Bots simply type "!donate" for instructions. To make a donation you'll need to charge your account with some Palringo Credits, which can be bought from our webstore * (

Throughout the month we'll share the total raised via our in-app notifications.

* Banking transaction fees and a 2% handling charge will be deducted when making a donation. There is no commercial gain for Palringo, with all funds raised going to your nominated Charity.

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