Changes to group gallery visibility

Palringo Groups can be listed in our Groups Gallery, where a range of search options are available to help our members find groups that are of interest to them.  A Group can be unlisted (also called ex-directory), which means it will not be discoverable from the gallery.

Today we are introducing the questionable tag. This Group tag can only be set by staff and will be used in cases where we believe a Group breaches the Community Guidelines. A Group tagged as questionable is always unlisted. You can see if a Group is questionable from it's profile page as shown below.

Group owners can contest a decision relating to the questionable tag by submitting a ticket above. 

You can read our Community Guidelines here:

We have comprehensive Terms of Service which detail what content is acceptable and this is summarised in the Community Guidelines. Note that our service is unmoderated and therefore not suitable for children. If you are in any doubt about the content of your Group, we recommend that you mark it as unlisted/ex-directory. Additional advice is available in many languages on Palringo from our network of VIPs and Agents.

We periodically review the content of Groups and also investigate all user reports of inappropriate names, descriptions, group avatars or postings.  If we are unsure of the suitability, we reserve the right to mark a Group as questionable for further review and discussion with the Owner.

In line with these changes, the Image Bot will return filtered results in all Groups.


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