Palringo 8: The New Black


We are thrilled to invite you to check out our latest update on iOS: Palringo 8!

Please bear in mind that as it's still early days for the build, there are a number of issues of which we are aware and working hard to remove before the build hits the store. 

The Open Beta will be installed in place of your existing build; please make sure your credentials are saved and account is verified before you install Palringo 8. If you wish to go back to Palringo 7.7, just delete the app and re-install it as usual from the store. Please note that payments/purchases are not currently working on this build, but you can still use our web store as normal to buy credits and more.

If you have any further questions or would like to share your experience, join [pal8 open beta] (ID 17075214) - a special group for Palringo 8 early adopters!

Main issues that we are already working on:

  • When scrolling through the app in the busy groups, the screen can become jumpy or flicker.
  • Tags are reduced in size and the word is not centred within tags on AR devices.
  • Messages aren't retrieved properly after user tap on the refresh button in chat: hitting refresh the 1st time will put you back 24hrs. Hitting refresh again will correct it.
  • The Gamepad is getting suck on the chats tab screen when loading a game and going back out of the chat using the back button. You will have to open a new chat for the gamepad to dismiss.
  • Push notifications function inconsistently.
  • The group name is not seen on top of chat screen after user joins a group.
  • iOS 9 won't be supported in Palringo 8.
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