Palringo Vouchers



Palringo Voucher is a new payment method that you can use to top-up your Palringo account.

For now, the Vouchers are available only for our users in Saudi Arabia. We are working on making the Vouchers available in other countries and in the coming months we hope that the vouchers will be available in other Arab markets 

If you are in Saudi Arabia, you can buy the Vouchers at one the branches of Abdullah AlOthaim Markets. Please follow this link to find a store near you: 

 This is how the voucher look like




What are the Vouchers denominations available?


There are 7 denominations available to buy at the moment:

1- $4.99 (500 Palringo Credits)

2- $9.99 (1,000 Palringo Credits)

3- $19.99 (2,000 Palringo Credits)

4- $49.99 (5,000 Palringo Credits)

5- $100 (10,000 Palringo Credits)

6- $500 (50,000 Palringo Credits)

7- 999 (100,000 Palringo Credits)


Buying the Vouchers from Abdullah AlOthaim Markets

Stores sell a wide range of vouchers and sometimes they don't recognize certain vouchers easily so we recommend that you keep a copy of the Palringo Vouchers Barcodes with you when you visit one of Abdullah AlOthaim Markets to buy Palringo Vouchers. If the store's representative couldn't recognize Palringo vouchers immediately, he will recognize it from the barcodes and he will be able to use the barcodes to complete the sales. 




 Buying Palringo eVoucher through OneCard Website

In addition to Abdullah AlOthaim Markets, you can buy Palringo eVouchers from OneCard website directly through the following link:

Buy Palringo Vouchers through OneCard Website



How to redeem the vouchers on Palringo Website?

Once you have the Vouchers, you can redeem it on Palringo Website and get the credits immediately in your account. Do so, follow the steps below:


1- Go to the link

2- Make sure you are signed in or sign in to your account if required

3- Insert the voucher code in the Voucher code field 

4- Choose if you want to gift the credits to another account or ignore that option if you want them to your own account

5- Click on "Redeem Voucher" and enjoy


If you have any problems Purchasing the eVoucher or redeeming it, please contact us at or speak to any of our support staff and volunteers. 





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