The new volunteer tag!


From today the 15th May we have released a new tag that will be visible to everyone on the latest Palringo client. The “Volunteer” tag is being introduced to show our appreciation for those users that help us make Palringo a better place, be it testing our latest client builds and bots, helping users with their support requests, helping us translate parts of the app or submitting new content for our gaming bots.



We will also be removing the Agent and VIP tags and replacing them with the Volunteer tag, making things much clearer and simpler.

Can I message a Volunteer for help like I did with Agents and VIPs?

Yes of course you can! If a volunteer is unable to help you with your problem they will definitely be able to point you in the correct direction.

Are there different types of Volunteers? How can I tell?

Each Volunteer will also have an achievement that will show what it is they do for Palringo be it being a tester or support helpers.


If you’re looking to join our team we will be pushing on a new recruitment drive for all Volunteers soon so stay tuned!


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