The volunteer tag.


Volunteers come in many different forms on Palringo and this article should help you find out what they are all about!


The volunteer tag is a tag given to people who help Palringo out in one way or another and have proven themselves as helpful friendly and knowledgeable.



Support volunteers


These volunteers can be found in the official support groups here (link to official support groups page) and should be able to help you with various problems from issues with your client or reporting a user.




  • Testers are volunteers who help us test our newest releases, be it Bots or new client builds.


Content contributors


  • These volunteers help us manage and create  all the new content we get for our bot games such as quiz and hangman.




  • Translators help us localise the app into many different languages.


Can I message a Volunteer for help?


Yes of course you can! If a volunteer is unable to help you with your problem they will definitely be able to point you in the correct direction. Remember to make sure you have your spam filter off when messaging them so they can reply and that they may not always be about so you might have to wait for a reply.


Are there different types of Volunteers? How can I tell?


Each Volunteer will also have an achievement that will show what it is they do for Palringo be it being a tester or support helpers.


Can I become a volunteer?


We are always looking for new people to help make Palringo better so keep an eye out on your notifications as we will send out messages when we want to recruit again.

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