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Palringo Invite Centre! (Now Live!)

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posted this on August 28, 2013 13:28

Introduce Palringo to friends and increase your reputation!

Since our inception Palringo has relied on word-of-mouth recommendations from our users to grow. You've been doing an amazing job, and we want to start rewarding you for helping us get this far.

With Palringo iOS v6.4 and Palringo Android v5.10 we are introducing the 'Palringo Invite Centre', the best way to help your friends join in the fun.

As the inviter, there are no limits to the number of people you can introduce to Palringo - you'll get a reputation boost for every single person you refer. If they in turn introduce additional people, your reputation will increase even further.

The reputation boost you receive is calculated based on the Reputation Level of the person you refer - the higher their level, the bigger your boost. Each boost will increase over time as your friends move up through the levels.


So, How Do I Invite My Friends?

Inviting people to Palringo relies on an Invite URL - easily accessible in-app via 'Invite Centre' or from a group's profile. Copy this link, or scan the QR code, and share it anyway you want - send via SMS or email, post to forums, blogs, and social networks, you could even embark on a national advertising campaign(!).

Whenever someone clicks your link, and signs up to Palringo, you will be rewarded with a reputation boost.

Your invite link will provide an overview of Palringo, as well as confirmation of who invited them, and a simple process for downloading the Palringo app for their device. When the signup process is complete, we'll send you a notification informing you of the successful invite, as well as automatically adding the user to the group - for a group-specific invite - or to your contact list, for an invite to Palringo itself.

Group-specific invites will only work to 'open' groups - these are groups without a password, or entry level, and are not full.

You can track the progress of your Invites with analytics in the Invite Centre. These analytics will provide a list of everyone you have recruited and their reputation.

What are you waiting for? Start inviting!

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