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Palringo achievements and you.

posted this on May 22, 2013 11:29

Palringo Achievements are unique badges that are fun to collect and provide a Reputation boost towards your next level (more on Reputation here).



Maths Nerd *NEW*

Play against the Countdown Bot (available in the Palringo Store) and earn points to move through the levels of this Achievement.



Ambassador *NEW*

Get new users to signup for a Palringo account using the Invite Centre and if they reach AND maintain at least a Lvl 5 Rep then you'll climb through the levels of this Achievement.




The uninitiated can quickly learn the basics of Palringo by completing each step of our Noob achievement. If you've previously deleted the Support Bot, you'll find instructions to re-add it here.


Lightning Fingers

Win 10 games against the Typing Bot (view this Bot in the Palringo Store).



Gold Heart 2013

This secret achievement was only available to people who donated to a Charity Bot during our charity donation campaign in August 2013.



Global Top 10 / 100 / 1K / 10K

Unlock each of these Achievements by scaling the Global Reputation Leaderboard, e.g. you'll unlock 'Top 100' when you are globally ranked 100 or under. 



Social Butterfly

Social Butterfly is handed out for being a member of just one of our groups.  This achievement is simple to progress: just join additional groups



Little Santa

Little Santa is our gifting achievement.  It is awarded for gifting message packs, bots, premium groups or premium accounts to your friends or groups.



Bot Master

The Bot Master achievement is awarded for purchasing any of our Bots to enhance and improve your group.  A list of our current bots can be found here. Please note that free bots are not counted.



Crowd Sorcerer

Crowd Sorcerer is our latest achievement which is awarded to users who own groups, It is based on how many unique and non-banned users you have in your groups. Just having one person in 25 groups won’t work for this achievement, so go conjure up some crowds!



Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake is the achievement awarded for being a loyal user of Palringo. Each year on the anniversary of your account you will be one step closer to that elusive 6 year achievement.



1 / 2 / 3 Year Club

The year club unlike the birthday cake requires you to have had a Palringo premium account (Not the premium app) for at least a year for the first step, this achievement unlike Birthday cake also requires you to currently have a premium account.



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