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Palringo dropping support for all 3rd Party IMs (MSN/Yahoo/GTalk etc)

posted this on April 26, 2012 14:06

Further in our move to focus on the features our users love - our community of groups - we have decided to pull support for 3rd party instant messaging services. We've noticed that the vast majority of you no longer use this feature and instead prefer to invite your existing friends to signup to Palringo, which is now easier than ever.

Again we appreciate that this might be sad news for some of you and we will endeavour to reply to any questions regarding this change.



We’ve flicked the switch and 3rd Party IM support has now been disabled on our servers. The next time you log in you will not be able to see any of your existing 3rd Party IM accounts. We will be deleting any stored account credentials on May 26th.

iOS users can update to the latest version of Palringo from the App Store to remove the add services button, which will now go to an empty screen in older versions.


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